What aspects of sustainability are assessed through the BloomCheck program?

Flower farmers who are BloomCheck certified have been audited to assure they are using best practices for sustainability when it comes to water; air and soil quality; wildlife protection; and social impacts on workers and the community.

How will I know if the flowers I’m buying have met BloomCheck standards?

Just look for the vibrant orange, green and blue BloomCheck logo on the packaging of the flowers you’re buying. Then rest assured the flowers you’re bringing home meet the most rigorous standards for sustainability.

What sets BloomCheck apart from other sustainability programs?

BloomCheck is the only program designed to exclusively certify the sustainability of America’s flower farmers, starting with California. Other sustainability programs in the floral industry, Veriflora, Florverde, Rain Forest Alliance, etc., all provide certification for imported products. BloomCheck was created to help provide American flower farms a better way to differentiate the high standards, oversight and regulation involved with growing flowers in the United States. When it comes to sustainably grown flowers, BloomCheck was created to be the gold standard.

Why is the knowing the origin of flowers and the sustainability practices used in growing them important?

When it comes to sustainability, origin does matter. BloomCheck was created not only to  provide consumers with a third-party guarantee that the flowers were sustainably grown here in the United States, but to also assure  that the flowers were not transported on a dedicated air freighter from another country. Additionally, flower farmers in the United States have to adhere to the growing practices and regulatory oversight that involves agencies like the Unites States Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the Department of Pesticide Regulation, the Coastal Commission, the State Water Board—the list goes on and on. When you combine this kind of regulation and oversight with best farming practices here in the United States, what you have is BloomCheck; a standard you can count on.