Sunshine Floral Attains BloomCheck Certification

Sunshine Floral, which produces 2 million bouquets a year at its facilities in Oxnard, California, has been certified for its sustainable growing practices by BloomCheck.

Sunshine Floral’s operation includes over 1 million square feet of greenhouses and a 15,000 square-foot warehouse. In its 25 years, Sunshine Floral has become known for its gerbera daisies, which are grown hydroponically in a computer-controlled environment and available year-round.

“Sunshine Floral is a progressive company on the cutting edge of technology and innovative approaches,” said Anthony Vollering, the company’s chief financial officer and part owner. “As a company, we want to make sure we follow the best practices and be a steward for the environment. BloomCheck is a way for us to ensure we do everything correct and according to recommendations from a well-informed source.”

Anthony Vollering, Sunshine Floral’s chief financial officer and part owner, chose BloomCheck to reflect their farms’ commitment to the high standards of sustainable growing practices.

To earn BloomCheck certification, flower growers undergo a rigorous third-party audit to ensure they are using best practices for sustainability when it comes to water, air and soil quality and wildlife protection. That means reducing energy use, recycling water, deploying biological pest management and taking care of employees.

The certification lets retailers and consumers know that the companies they’re engaging with are environmentally and socially responsible.

Protected Harvest, an independent nonprofit organization that certifies the sustainability of agriculture operations, is responsible for the on-site auditing to ensure flower and greens farmers are meeting the standards.

“Congratulations to the team at Sunshine Floral,” shared BloomCheck Administrator Kasey Cronquist. “We are excited to have Sunshine join the growing list of domestic flower and green farmers who are proudly reflecting their commitment to the high standards involved with sustainable growing practices here in the United States.”